Hydrotherapy Baths

Relax With Hydrotherapy

When you need to leave the stress behind, enter our serene atmosphere and relax with Hydrotherapy Treatments. Because the body is suspended in water, it can be massaged deeply and effectively without any discomfort. Experience one of the deepest hydro massages possible while cradled in comfort with pure micronized seaweed, moor or fango mud or beautifully aromatic essential oils.

Seasonal Tub Tea $70
Hydrotherapy bath Add-on $30

**It takes 20 minutes for sea nutrients from a bath to penetrate the skin. Another 20 minutes for those penetrated nutrients to circulate throughout your body's system. Therefore, each of our therapeutic baths allow for a relaxation period.

To replenish your body's natural balance, be sure to drink plenty of water after your treatment and into the next day.

Our hydrotherapy tub has been ergonomically designed with the body comfort placement in mind for the therapeutic use of over 200 air and water jets. These jets are placed strategically to provide aerobic and muscular excercise without excertion or resistance.

Our technician will customize the bath according to your body's need to increase circulation, metabolism, and remineralization.

What do I wear?
Your comfort is one of the greatest importance to us, bathing suits are optional - If you prefer to wear one, please bring one from home.

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